Naturally "Green". Naturally Beautiful...

Raymond Paul Hoafat (Ray Ray) graduated from Sunset Senior High School. Then attended Miami Dade College where he studied Interior Design while working full-time as a colorist with his father at Firenze Enterprises. As a colorist his duties included using 3 different classes of tints into custom colors for high-end projects. It included research and development of new techniques, including the use of waxes and combinations of lime products to achieve completely custom finishes. Many of these finishes now represent hundreds of thousands of square feet in high-end applications. Ray Ray left to become a private contractor doing projects all throughout South Florida and the Tampa Bay area. Ray Ray accepted the position of head colorist at Firenze Enterprises where he remained until February of 2012 to form Eco Wall Coatings with his father, with the title of “Head Cook & Bottle Washer.” Ray Ray brings his experience and knowledge of colors, pigment interactions with lime-based materials and technical expertise in the material preparation and applications.
Ray Ray looks forward to working with you on any custom color, custom finish or any help you may need in the field. When Ray Ray is not at work, he can be found in a climbing gym or somewhere in the Great Outdoors climbing any rock mass he can find.

Raymond Hoafat Sr. has directed and managed businesses in New York and Miami for over 40 years. He was store manager for multi-million dollar units from the age of 21 and left after over 25 years to “take his talents to SOUTH BEACH.” He has since specialized in Imported lime based and decorative products over the last 15 years. He was the Director of Operations and Marketing Guru for Firenze Enterprises. He was the inventor of the Firenzecolor brand and developed and implented marketing concepts including a program for paint stores to sell product.

Ray is an avid lover of music and can be found in his spare time making recordings of him playing piano, trumpet or singing.