Naturally "Green". Naturally Beautiful...

Tuscan Cast Stone Mix brings new possibilities to architectural cast stone. Our unique formula uses the highest-quality limestone—rather than gravel—to create a more natural look with richer, more accurate colors. New proprietary technology gives our optimized cast stone mix incredible strengths — over 7,000psi compressive and 1,600psi flexural. This strength allows our product to be cast a 1/2″ thick over a foam core; resulting in less material, lighter weight, and easier installation. A strict quality-control program ensures our bags are consistent in color, weight, and material.

Great For Use With
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Columns
  • Custom Profiles
  • Moldings
  • Surrounds & Sills
  • Wall Caps

Tuscan StoneworxTM is ready to help bring your most ambitious projects to life with a cast stone mix that can meet the requirements of any profile or design.

Our cast stone mix features:

  • A unique formula that uses the highest-quality limestone-rather than pea gravel-to create a more natural look with richer colors.
  • With 10 standard colors to choose from and unlimited custom color options, Tuscan Stoneworx has a color for every application.
  • Exquisite finishing options like sanded, acid wash, polished, antique, sand-blasted, burned, chateau, and travertine.

The result is an impressive final product that looks, feels, and ages like natural cut stone.

Exceptional Results for Discerning Customers

Tuscan Cast Stone mix offers you advantages no other pre-cast concrete alternative can.

  • Strong. Tuscan Cast Stone is strong enough for your most demanding products-with compressive strengths that exceed 7,000 PSI and flexural strengths that exceed 1,600 PSI.
  • Durable. Tuscan Cast Stone mix components are built to look great for decades. And because the color is built into the base material, chips and scratches only add character and naturality.
  • Lightweight. Tuscan Cast Stone’s strengths allow it to be cast a 1/2″ thick with a foam core; resulting in lighter weight, less material, and easier installation.  Our unique patent pending Tuscan Cast Stone mix produces pieces that are up to 70% lighter than traditional pre-cast concrete.
  • Versatile. With our unique mix design, you can create pieces in virtually any shape, size, or color.
  • Easy to Install. Because our Tuscan Cast Stone mix is so much stronger, lighter, and more versatile than pre-cast concrete, it’s much easier to work with and install. In most cases, masonry adhesive is all you’ll need.
  • Natural. Because it’s made with real limestone, our Tuscan Cast Stone pieces look, feel, and age like natural stone.
  • Consistent. With our advanced materials and strict quality control program, you can confidently create the same colors, textures, and finishes over and over again.
  • Color. Our Tuscan Tint is available in multiple sizes to match your project. From single color packets for one bag mixes, to 5lb or 20lb bulk containers for large jobs.
Accelerated Weathering*ASTM G 153Passed2,000 hours
Freeze/Thaw Resistance*ICC Acceptance CriteriaPassed10 cycles
Water Absorption*ICC Acceptance Criteria<4%Passed
Tensile AdhesionASTM25 PSIMinimum 15 PSI
Water Resistance*ASTM D 2247PassedPassed 14 days
Salt Spray*ASTM B 117No deletrious effectPassed at 300 hours
Surface Burning CharacteristicsASTM E840 Flame Spread/0 Smoke DevelopPassed
Compressive StrengthASTM C 397,000 PSIPassed